Knowledge Representation
  Logical, Philosophical, and Computational Foundations

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  John F. Sowa, Knowledge Representation: Logical, Philosophical, and Computational Foundations, Brooks Cole Publishing Co., Pacific Grove, CA, ©2000. Actual publication date, 16 August 1999.

594 + xiv pages; ISBN 0-534-94965-7

The diagram on the cover of the book is the tree of nature and logic by the thirteenth century poet, philosopher, and missionary Ramon Lull. The main trunk supports a version of the tree of Porphyry, which illustrates Aristotle's categories. The ten leaves on the right represent ten types of questions, and the ten leaves on the left are keyed to a system of rotating disks for generating answers. Such diagrams and disks comprise Lull's Ars Magna (Great Art), which was the first attempt to develop mechanical aids to reasoning. It served as an inspiration to the pioneer in symbolic logic, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz.

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